VMware ESXi, 7.0 u1d (17551050) – BCM57402 Issue

This evening I thought I’d update my homelab to the latest vSphere 7.0u1d. I had some issues with updating my VCSA via the VAMI. Ultimately that was all resolved by performing the update using the cli without issue. However when I came to update my hosts, two of them seemingly updated fine but the third one got stuck.

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Using Local ADMX Files To Edit Newer Group Policy Settings

In large organisations with tens of thousands of domain joined assets, it’s perhaps not all that surprising that Active Directory Functional Levels (ADFL) and Domain Controller OS versions can lag some way behind the versions of the organisation’s newest clients. Legacy applications, technical debt, fear – what ever the reason for DCs and ADFL staying at particular versions, we still need to be able to manage the latest OS versions.

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